Childhood, Adolescence, Studies & Hobbys

1981 — with my grandfather

I was born in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, on August 12th, 1977. My father, Hansjakob ‘Joe’ Köppli, was a locksmith/welder (Schlosser/Schweisser), my mother, Gisela Köppli-Läubli, was a medical technical radiology assistant (x-ray) at the hospital. I have been married to Melinda Köppli-Solas since June 15th 2004, we have two children. Maurice Carl was born on May 29th 2011 and Naomi Amanda on March 18th 2013.


From 1977 until 1995 I lived in Löhningen, Switzerland. There I finished the primary school. I graduated the secondary school in Beringen, Switzerland, in 1992.
After completion of secondary school I enrolled at the Cantonal School Schaffhausen (Kantonsschule Schaffhausen), where I studied between 1992 – 1997.


From 1998 – 2003 I studied at the Institute of Mass Communication and Media Research at University of Zurich (IPMZ).

Main study area: Media and Communication Science, minor study areas: Political Science and General Constitutional Law

Earned: M.A. (Master of Arts) / lic. phil. I.

My fields of studies and research are media effects, media use, media economics, communication controlling, and media monitoring.

Work Experience

Since July 2018: Lecturer @ TEKO

Since July 2015: Lecturer @ HBU

Since March 2015: Vocational School Teacher @ BSR

Since January 2014: Independent Consultant in PR, communications, ghostwriting, journalism & events

2013: Spokesperson/Head of Media Relations @ Mobilezone

2012-2013: PR Consultant @ Grayling

2009-2011: PR Consultant @ Prime

2008: Freelance Screenwriter @ Constantin

2007-2008: PR Consultant @ Bütikofer (know known as Cometris)

2004-2007: Consultant @ Publicom

2004-2007: Editor @ Medianovis (daughter company of Publicom)

2003-2004: Marketing Coordinator @ Select Asset Management in Tokyo (Japan)



Almost everything except Ballet and ‘Synchronschwimmen’ – I don’t know the translation 😉


Teams I support:

🇨🇭 FC SCHAFFHAUSEN (I played there from 1994 – 1999)



🇮🇹 AC MILAN (it was my dream to play there in the 1990ies).

IDOLS: PAOLO MALDINI, FRANCO BARESI, ALESSANDRO NESTA & GENNARO “RINO” IVAN GATTUSO – my all time favorite! He did not have lots of talent – like me – but he was a fighter with a good heart (Braveheart). Does he look like me? Maybe… Sometimes!




🇦🇷 BOCA JUNIORS (What an atmosphere in the stadium «La Bombonera». ¡MIRA!

Tokyo (Japan) | December 14th 2003

Boca Juniors – AC Milan

// Ticket price: 135 US$ //



Reading I like Murakami, Kracht, Stuckrad-Barre, Houellebecq, Beigbeder, Capus, Eco.


People People I admire (for various reasons):


Elon Musk

Richard Branson

Claude Nicollier

Bertrand Piccard

…soccer/football player:

Gennaro «Rino» Gattuso/

«Zlatan» – because he created the word «zlatanieren»

Ricardo Rodriguez

… book writer:

Peter Scholl-Latour


Umberto Eco

Francis Fukuyama


scientists I came across with:


Gabriele Siegert – my master thesis advisor

Dieter Ruloff

Walter Haller

(my hobbys/interests)

Acting Sometimes I work as a ‘Komparse

Call me a celebrity hunter 😉

Mark Streit – the first Swiss to become Captain of a NHL team

Günter Netzer — I was on the way to a client meeting in Düsseldorf and was in the same plane. Günter Netzer? As a soccer expert you would know him. He is “a former German football player and team general manager currently working in the media business. As a player, he played as an attacking midfielder and was considered to be one of the greatest passers in the game’s history. As such, he was voted Footballer of the Year in Germany twice, in 1972 and 1973.” (Source:ünter_Netzer)

Lukas Flüeler, ZSC goalkeeper (ice hockey) — I was at the same charity event.

Miss Earth 2014 | Shayade Hugcharity event. More information

Roman Polanski — at the 13th ZURICH FILM FESTIVAL 2017 | More

Selected pictures from now and there…

2008 — Swiss Army

😂😳😱 | 1995 – young, wild & crazy

More picture below 😉

Tokyo — 2003 (I lived there from June ’03 – December ’04). That is where I met my wonderful wife on a rainy day in November 2001 (thanks God).

Do you know Zlatan him? 😉 — 1998 at the UCSB, California, USA

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