Bucharest 🇷🇴 / New Year’s Eve 2020

It has been a while since I spent New Year’s Eve abroad.

My family and I decided around Christmas 2019 to travel to Bucharest for a short trip of three nights.

It has been one of my long time travel goals to stand in front of the “Palace of Parliament” in Bucharest once. This building is the «World’s largest civilian building with an administrative function», the «World’s most expensive administrative building» and the « World’s heaviest building» (Source: Wikipedia).

According to Guinness World Records, «it contains 700,000 tonnes of steel and bronze, a million square feet of marble, 3500 tonnes of crystal and 900,000 square metres of wood. It’s been described as a monstrosity, a beast and a horror» (Source).

Another highlight was the book shop ‘Carturesti Carusel’:

On top, if you walk in the streets of the Old City you feel like thrown back in previous decades…

Thank you, Bucharest – you rock!

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