Sardinia, Tuscany & Cinque Terre 🇮🇹

In July/August 2019 I spent almost four weeks in Italy with my family.

It was a lovely trip with our own car. Sometimes it makes sense to bring your car so you don’t need to worry about luggage limitations. Plus it gives you more flexibility in traveling.

We drove all the way to Genoa where we boarded a night ferry to Olbia. Finally, after ten hours we arrived: Sardinia, it’s the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, is wonderful. We stayed two weeks in an Airbnb very close to a peaceful beach in the northern part of the island. It was hot, sometimes 38 degrees Celsius, but we enjoyed beach life, pizza and «dolce far niente».

I decided to improve my scuba diving and did my ‘Advanced Open Water Certificate’. Now I know how it feels to do night and wreck dives plus really deep dives (30/40 meters).

After relaxing days and amazing memories we continued our road trip to Tuscany for some cultural highlights: Siena, Florence, San Gimignano and Pisa. Again we decided to stay in an Airbnb – we choose one in the heart of the Tuscany region so that it was easy for us to do some sightseeing.

I really loved Siena. Even tough it’s a rather touristic place I enjoyed the old buildings and streets with its brown/orange color. I was impressed by the peaceful atmosphere in the evening when it’s not too busy anymore. I was there last time when I was 16. So being back 25 years later was just perfect!

On the way back to Switzerland we stopped in the Cinque Terre area for a few nights. Honestly, I didn’t like it that much: too many people! We rented an apartment in the mountains, enjoyed the view and got lucky with shooting stars. Vernazza is one of this lovely villages to visit. We went there one day. But with thousands of tourists from all over the world in the peak season it’s not that relaxing…

All in all we had a great time in Italy. As always Italy has so much to offer and it’s easy to travel with kids.

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