Oslo / Tromsø 🇳🇴

In February 2019 I’ve traveled up north to Scandinavia. I visited Finland and Sweden before but Norway was a new country for me.

I flew to Oslo with my whole family. We stayed for three nights in order to get used to the cold and of course to explore the capital of Norway. We decided to stay at the Saga Hotel Oslo Central – that was a great choice: location, price and breakfast buffet were excellent!

Oslo by night (I really needed to get more experience in making pictures at night with my camera during these days as a few days later I wanted to get pictures from the Northern Lights…):

Oslo was a great start for our trip. Some sightseeing and tasty food at various restaurants in the Aker Brygge district. By the way it’s the “European Green Capital” 2019. One reason: More than half of all new cars in Norway are electric or hybrid. I have never seen that many Tesla cars in one city.


The flight from Oslo to Tromsø was longer than expexted. Outside the airport we realized how cold it was. After a short bus ride we arrived at the bus stop where our Airbnb apartment was located. The apartment was small but cozy and a little bit outside the city center.

We were happy and blessed to see the Northern Lights three days in a row. There are more than 150 companies that offer tours/activities in Tromsø. A typical “Northern Light Chasing Tour” starts at around 6pm and ends at 2am.

On the first night I went out with a professional photographer, named Vidar. It was just perfect! He gave us useful advice with our cameras and – very important – warm thermal suits and boots. The average temperature during that night was -16 °C.

On our third night in Tromsø I went out again and it was a blast!

We spent five nights in Tromsø. After all the Northern Lights activities we relaxed and our children did some reindeer sledding.

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