Israel 🇮🇱 & Jordan 🇯🇴

Last October 2018 I traveled to the Middle East with my wife. As my mother-in-law took care of our kids we had the chance to explore a lot.

We flew to Tel Aviv and stayed two nights in that great and vibrant city with a beautiful beach. From there we did trips to Ceasarea, Haifa, Akko, Sea of Galilee, Nazareth and Jordan River.

After Tel Aviv we stayed another two nights in Jerusalem. What an incredible and historical place with the Old City including the ‘Dome of the Rock’, the Western Wall and many other unforgettable sites.

After Jerusalem we drove to Masada, an impressive fortress King Herod built in the Judean desert. After that visit we continued our day to the lowest point on Earth: the Dead Sea! It’s such an unreal experience to float.

One of my highlights was the tour to Petra (one of the Seven New Wonders of the World), a desert Jeep safari and the overnight stay in a Bedouin camp in the desert!

On the way back to Tel Aviv we stopped in Eilat to swim in the Red Sea. Imagine swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, the Dead Sea and in the Red Sea within just ten days!

What a trip!

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