Life’s a bitch – sometimes

Hey there, I hope this post finds you well!

I had a crazy day yesterday and just now realised that it was Friday the 13th – shoganei (you’ll say in Japanese).

((Literally means that it is/was like this and you cant change anything)).

Well, exploring Isle of Skye is just unbelievable – the nature, the animals, the clouds – AMAZING!

But you know what, climbing up to the OLD MAN is quite an (thx b.a. from g. 4 letting me know;) challenge.

Especially if you …

a) are more than 40 years old (it’s hard to realise that I’m not 20 anymore – sometimes;).

b) have a great photo camera but NO charger with me

c) you cannot share the moment with your wife and children because it’s too dangerous for them due to mud, strong wind & hilly footoaths.

But hey, once you are up there, it’s worth it! SUCH A WONDERFUL PLACE ON 🌏!

Thanks GOD 4 THAT!

GOOD N8 from Staffin

Scotland, 🇬🇧 // Oct. 14 2017

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